Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"

Striving for Perfection

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President of the Foundation: Azat Khafizov
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Executive Director: Timur Khafizov
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"Paravitta" International Non-profit Foundation

Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"   Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"

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                                            Kayros O’Hara, Samuel Victori


The Milliard (Part 1: Total Reset)






         Two chosen beings of foreign origin shall come

to help the true Rulers and save the world

(Tablets of Manoo, chapter 18, verse 43)


Episode 1

It is early in the morning. Twelve luxurious limousines approach a magnificent mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden. Twelve couriers get off the cars accompanied by the guards. Couriers carry briefcases in their hands.


USA. Los Angeles. Apartment in an old building. Kevin – a young American – is packing his belongings into a backpack – a laptop, camera, clothes etc.


USA. Los Angeles. A room in the “Majestic Park” hotel. Marat – a young Russian – is sitting at the table loaded with electronic parts and equipment. He is assembling some electronic device. His eyes are aimed at the ceiling; he looks like he is fallen into trance; his fingers are moving fast and picking the parts on their own and assemble them in certain order. He finishes his job. He stands up, puts the device into his bag and leaves the room.


Couriers enter the mansion. A servant guides them into the hall. Couriers open their briefcases and produce boxes made of fine wood. They place boxes on the table in the middle of the hall and leave to the waiting room.


Kevin drives his car towards the airport.


Marat takes a cab.


A noble looking well-dressed lady enters the hall and opens the boxes by touching them with her index finger. She takes envelopes out of each box and goes to her office.


Kevin and Marat meet at the airport.

Kevin: – Hi Marat!

Marat: – Privet Kevin!

Kevin: – You got it?

Marat nods and they hurry to catch their flight.


The lady places envelopes on her desk. She opens her own wooden box and takes out the envelope. She gets the little sheets of paper from each envelope and reads them. Then she puts them by one into several piles. One of the piles is larger than the others. She counts the sheets in the largest pile.


Kevin and Marat are in the airplane. They draw a scheme; look at the device assembled by Marat.


Lady writes something on twelve sheets of papers, goes to the hall, encloses sheets into the boxes and shuts them. Couriers enter the hall, pick up the boxes and put them into the briefcases. They go outside, get into their cars and leave. One of them reaches the airport, gets into the aircraft looking like a saucer. The aircraft takes off.


Airplane with Kevin and Marat lands at the airport in the southern state. They rent a car.


Crowds of people are assembled near the large palace. A sign says World Film Festival “Roxanna”. Actors are getting out of the limousines and parade on the golden carpet to the Festival palace.


Kevin and Marat drive on a long road in the desert in Nevada. It is sunset.


A courier lands in the airport of the beautiful city by the sea. He is picked up by the car. The car rides along the streets decorated by flowers and lights. The award ceremony of the World Film Festival is on. Courier arrives to the palace where the Festival is taking place.


Marat and Kevin approach the military base. The base is closed but still guarded.


On stage the host of the show announces the best male actor.


Host: – The best actor of the year – Alfred Logan!


The actor moves towards the stage. At this moment the courier pushes the button on his arm bracelet. Bracelet on the actor’s arm lights on and the actor turns back. He approaches the courier behind the curtain. The courier opens the bag and hands the box to the actor. The actor opens the box by putting his index finger to the lock, takes the paper out and reads it. His face shines with a triumphant smile. Courier sees the smile.


Courier: – I humbly and solemnly congratulate you, Eld Logan!


The actor goes to the stage and receives his award. He smiles to the audience.


Several respectably looking men and women in luxurious interiors open wooden boxes and take out small sheets of paper. The views we can see in their windows remind us of Brussels, Paris, London, Tokyo, Los-Angeles, some of them are on their yachts in the sea, some in the shale in the mountains, some near the lake and other picturesque places. Some of them watch the Festival ceremony on their holographic TV screens. They see the actor on stage.


Young men are near the fence of the base. They manage to get through and run on the territory of the base. The guards notice them and start chasing them. Young men approach the cave which is on the territory of the base. They go down in the cave. Marat turns on the device.


Marat: – It is somewhere near!


They both run along the long curvy tunnel and enter the spacey hall of the cave with stalactites and stalagmites. In the end of the cave they see a hole. Marat activates the device. A shining circle appears around the hole.


Kevin: – It works!


They approach the hole. The guards enter the cave hall. Marat and Kevin enter the hole and disappear. The shining goes off. Guards approach the hole and stop, looking around puzzled.


Episode 2.

Marat and Kevin get out of the hole between the rocks. It is dark outside. They quietly move on the rocky path. Suddenly the lights are on. There are soldiers in strange looking uniforms with strange looking weapons. A soldier approaches them.


Soldier: –Kiuj vi estas? (“Who are you?” in Esperanto).

Marat and Kevin look at him in surprise.

Marat: – Sounds familiar. Like Italian or Spanish.

Kevin: – Where we are?

Soldier: – Sekvu min! (“Follow me!” in Esperanto).


Soldier gestures them to follow him. They follow the soldier to the building and enter it. They walk through the hall with large glass vessels with animals – bats, snakes, gofers, rats and even a goat with a rope on its neck. They pass by the laboratory with several scientists. In the office of the building they meet an officer.

Officer: – Bonvolu diri viajn nomojn! (“Please introduce yourself!” in Esperanto).

Marat: – This is Esperanto! He tells us to introduce ourselves.

Kevin: – I am Kevin, and this is Marat. Where we are?


Officer looks surprised, he speaks in the walky-talky.

Officer: – Du vagabondoj, Sinjoro! Ili parolas la lingvon de Eldoj! ("Sir, there are two strangers, and they speak the language of the Elds, sir!” in Esperanto).


Officer listens to the answer and continues.

Officer: – Tuj, Sinjoro! (“Immediately, sir!” in Esperanto).

Then he talks to Marat and Kevin.

Officer: – Sirs, please follow me!


They follow him. After they pass by, one of the scientists secretly makes a phone call. Marat, Kevin and the officer approach a military car outside of the building.

Officer: – Please have a sit in the vehicle, sirs!

They get in the car. The car takes off. Kevin turns to the officer.

Kevin: – Excuse me sir, where are you from? I cannot really get your accent.

Officer: – Langstone, state of Cranswick, sir.

Kevin: Cranswick? Where is that?

Officer: Down south, sir.


Episode 3.

Soon they approach the airport. They get off the car. Suddenly a group of masked men appear and attack the soldiers. Shooting, fighting. Men grab Marat and Kevin and carry them in the car. The car pulls off. Men in masks look at them and take pictures. Suddenly the shooting starts again. Marat and Kevin are grabbed by a group of soldiers, and they recognize among them the officer from the base. He has a bruise on his face. Officer: – On behalf of the Guard I deeply apologize. This will not happen again, sirs.

They get in the military aircraft like a saucer. The aircraft takes off.


Episode 4.

Eld Logan’s office. An officer on the screen reports about two young men’s appearance in the desert and the attempt to capture them.

Eld Logan: – Who is taking care of this area? Eld Robin? Well, let him find out what is going on there.

Officer: – Yes sir!


Episode 5.

After a short flight the aircraft lands. A car takes them to the beautiful mansion.

Marat and Kevin are in the guest room of the mansion. An old friendly looking man is in the chair in front of them.

Eld Robin: – You can call me Eld Robin. Tell me about yourselves.

Marat: – I am Marat Turgenev from Moscow, Russia.

Kevin: – I am Kevin Warner, Los Angeles, United States.

Eld Robin: – These names tell me nothing. Who are you?

Marat: – We together with Kevin are the students in the University, and we are involved in the research of the extraterrestrial forms of life. Kevin is a computer genius; he knows how to get into any archives that exist on Earth. In one of the archives on UFO we have found information about the places where people and animals disappear.

Kevin: – These are the so called portals connected to another worlds, and supposedly there are several of these portals on Earth. One of them is in Nevada desert on the territory of the old military base.

Marat: – I was able to build a device that helps to find the portal and activate it. We got to the base and found the portal, that’s how we got here.

Eld Robin: – Show me the device.

Marat hands him a device. Eld Robin politely takes it and hides in his table.

Eld Robin: – What is the principle of this device functioning?

Marat: – Honestly, I do not know. I was working intuitively, by the method of Nicola Tesla, and by his idea.

Kevin: – Excuse me sir, where we are?

Eld Robin: – In the Holland States of America.

Kevin: – In the United States?

Eld Robin: – No, in the Holland States.

Eld Robin turns to the large globe in the room. Marat and Kevin approach the globe and find out it looks different than the globe of Earth.

Kevin: – This is not Earth!

Marat: – This is another Earth!

Eld Robin: – Welcome to Terra!


Episode 6.

Hall of the Elds. The meeting of the Order of the Chosen Ones is on. They are the same people we’ve seen at the beginning of the film – they wrote the papers and later read the name of the chosen one. Such was the tradition during the centuries. In this contemporary age of electronic technologies use of paper documents was forbidden. But Elds are free to do anything they want in this world which belongs to them. They ruled it for the last 166 years. Who are the Elds? They are 13 people, and they are the followers of the Manu cult. According to the Scriptures of Manu the secret Order of 13 will rule the world.

Eld Al-Arroun – an influential and extremely rich oriental ruler, a genius of light industry. He dictates fashion.

Eld Karan – tycoon and hypnotizer, last from the ancient family of maharaja, owner of the largest plants producing all kinds of transport, including aircrafts.

Dame Laura – queen of the small Kingdom neighboring the Holland States. She owns the world’s largest psychoactive liquors producing plants.

Eld Lazarus – a connoisseur and gatherer of fine art, Messiah in the field of culture and art. His mission is to save the art from the crowd. He feels pain when he learns about piece of art being destroyed in one of the third world countries.

Eld Robin – a well-known film producer, sometimes he makes a film for elite, but most often he produces films for masses. 

Eld Logan – a descendant of the Royal family. He is a famous comic actor, dreams of absolute power. King in the joker’s mask, he enjoys power, and it is the best game of his life.

Eld Kreuter – a banker. He is a cold-blooded pragmatist, he loves to plan, calculate, and scrupulously get into the details, life for him is an adventurous game.

Eld Crown – owner of the empire producing the items of luxury. He loves the beauty of the nature and all the joys life can bring.

Eld Barra – owner of the largest shopping system and food plants. His factories and plants suffer from the hordes of migrants. He is the first to call for radical measures.

Eld Gnar – owner of the largest agricultural areas, including the plantations of astragal. He is worried very much that the uncontrolled mob can destroy the fields of this inestimable plant, from which not only the health and life of the Elds depend, but even the secret of their long life.

Eld Trout – a king of industry. His plants produce various machines for the whole world.

Eld Loong – is a bearer of the samurai tradition, he dreams of becoming an Emperor. He owns a corporation of industrial robotics and nanotechnologies. In his laboratories a magneto-plasmatic engine for the spaceships was invented, that uses hydrogen from the space. 

Eld Apraksin – owner of the largest world net of pharmaceutical companies and scientific research centers. His scientists push forward the science of Terra; many of the technological secrets of this world are known to him exclusively.


In the center of Hall of the Elds stands Eld Apraksin. Behind him is the large screen; while he talks we can see illustrating pictures and videos.

Eld Apraksin: – At first we have bred a virus, not dangerous but quite nasty. Then it was spread all around the world through the water supply system. People started getting sick immediately, and this was the famous pandemic of eagle’s fever. All mass-media of the world informed that the virus spreads through the periodic paper – newspapers, magazines and books. This allowed us to solve two tasks at a time – firstly, we have eliminated many of newspapers which were disloyal to us; secondly, electronic informational gadgets were introduced widely; this enabled us to control and change information. Now we control consciousness of masses, history and facts, we control our past and can easily change it as we wish. Eld Loong’s corporation introduced electronic books. He made good money on this, and he donated significant sum for our Cause. By the order of the owner any book immediately downloads into this device. This allows masses to have quick access to information. They have an illusion of freedom while we can easily control and changed information. News about the virus made this device extremely popular and wide spread. Pandemic caused panics, but we have calmed people by mass vaccination. Together with vaccine a doze of nanoparticles was injected to each person’s blood system. These nanoparticles together make a miniature spy system within an organism. It is fueled by the ATF – adenosine tri phosphate which is a well-known accumulator of energy in the living cell. That’s how we got control practically over the entire population of the planet. Later we introduced vaccination of each newly born baby to reach total control. The Chosen Ones and the Inmates of the Inner Circle were vaccinated too, but mostly for security measures, like locating the person in emergency. Everything went well. A group of our scientists continued modifying the nanoparticles by modulated signals sent through the regular mobile telephone net. But recently something extraordinary happened! Show the film!


On the screen a film is demonstrated recorded by an external security camera of a shopping mall. A drunken man comes out of the mall. He activates his bracelet for the phone call. Suddenly he ignites and falls into ashes.


Eld Apraksin: – We found out that under certain circumstances a high-frequency signal can provoke self-ignition of all nanoparticles in the organism. A tremendous energy of all ATF of each cell gets released in a very short period of time, which causes the destruction of the structure of the cell, like an inward explosion. Alcohol in blood significantly amplifies the process because the amplitude and the frequency of the nerve impulse during the synaptic transfer radically increase.


Elds stare at Eld Apraksin. After a pause he continues.


Eld Apraksin: – Several of such cases of self-ignition happened in the last few days – in Gio-de-Mer, Allta and Sgardarvon. Information about it was published in press, and journalists are already making suggestions about some X-agent in human organism that causes self-ignition, and that this X-agent was probably inserted through total vaccination!


Eld Lazarus: – It is impossible! It was our top-secret!


Eld Logan: – We suspect that some of these journalists are connected with Underground and their scientists.


Eld Barra: – If people of Terra get to know about our secret, they will tear us apart!


Dame Laura: – Please calm down, noble Elds!


Eld Crown: – We need to take immediate measures!


Eld Apraksin: – There is important information. Our scientists were able to investigate the mechanism of this process, and now we can purposefully use it.


Eld Trout: – What does this mean?


You can purchase this book in the International Non-Profit Foundation "Paravitta". Our address: Russia, 420044, Kazan, avenue H. Yamasheva, 36. Tel.: +7(843)519-73-73.

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Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


International Non-Profit Foundation"Paravitta"
Mailing address: Russian Federation 420044, Kazan, ave H.Yamasheva, 36
President of the Foundation: Khafizov Azat
Tel: +7(843)519-97-30
Executive Director: Timur Khafizov

Tel: +7(843)519-73-73, email:

Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"