Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"

Striving for Perfection

Mailing address: 420044, Kazan, Yamasheva str., 36
President of the Foundation: Azat Khafizov
Tel: +7(843)519-97-30
Executive Director: Timur Khafizov
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"Paravitta" International Non-profit Foundation

Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"   Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"

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Haleydoskop of Realities

(A fragment of the book)

There was silence on the shore. - I'm sorry, but I could not save him - said Oliver. - He was not there, he probably drowned ... "Pororoka" wave probably took away his body. - ... Can not ... can not be .., - Dimitrios whispered sadly. Terrible shock and utter confusion befallen friends, they did not want and could not believe this sad truth. Yes, the captain was not one of the brightest people in the world, but he struggled side by side with them and has already become a part of their team. In addition, the captain was a perfect seaman, he knew the tributaries of the Amazon river and safe routes. Death of Mark was truly a serious loss for friends, and they sincerely regretted this tragic outcome. Soon woke Maldes, unlike other team members, he has been seriously weakened, breathing with difficulty and very thirsty - the weakness and the worst being the leader of the team was due to the fact that he had been under water the longest. Unnerved Bandolero was unable to speak, but motioned to drink. Unfortunately, nothing but yellowish and muddy water was not around. Bottom of the river could be seen. The turbidity of the water means that its waters are a lot of fertile soil particles and the water could be contaminated with Amazon, because it was impossible to use it. Had to suffer and look for another source of life-giving water. Soon made itself felt, and famine, but this particular difficulties have arisen. There was plenty of fish - she has not had time to sail away from the coastal areas after yesterday's crushing shaft. Brilliant scientist explained the satellites in the waters of the Amazon, not including its tributaries, there are 750 species of fish, more than a third of what generally occurs in rivers around the globe. Sometimes, out of the water, away from the shore, jumped freshwater fish "pirarucu", the locals call them "Amazonian bulls." They reach 4-5 meters in length and weighing up to 200 kg. On the river shallows appeared huge turtles that lay their eggs. Turtle eggs - one of the delicacies of local residents, and our tired friends regaled them with pleasure. On the quiet waters of the creek, swimming Victoria Regia, sometimes reaching 2 meters in diameter and is famous for the fact that they can keep on the water, even a small child. A couple of times at the shore sailed the South American crocodiles - they are called caimans. Despite his fearsome appearance form (they can reach a length of more than two meters) caimans are very cautious and fearful. Friends also saw one of the wonders of Amazon - that was "singing" fish. Stephen Oliver told the surprised that the bubble they have a sophisticated device - a few cameras. Air, going from cell to cell, causing the walls of the bladder vibration, resulting sounds sound like the distant chimes. Oliver and Stephen went for a walk to explore the area and locate the source of water, but were not far removed from their temporary camp. - It is interesting to know where we are, - asked the young Stephen. - I once heard a lady talking to the captain - they talked about the route on board, and at that time I was in the cabin. Looks like our liege steals on the heels of this Manoel. - Yes, probably - Oliver said. - A Manoel certainly went to his father - he thought. The young man at the very beginning of the "chase" Senor Maldesa was aware of his plans. Since Bandolero enough trust Dimitrios, they also discussed the route, and only the boatswain, in turn, gave all the information Oliver and scientist. Especially Maldes often raved about in a dream, and could give the reasons for their concern. Since satellites quickly realized that the lord need some medallion chased it for Manoel and his father and would do anything, even murder, if only to take possession of a mysterious medallion. - In general, - concluded Stefan - somewhere far from here the village of Manoel, where, incidentally, lived and Maldes if I'm not mistaken. Along the way, the scientist and the boy met a lot of trees - rubber trees, one of these was the Hevea. Oliver suddenly noticed a funny animal that looked like a small bear. It was didactylous sloth.

He had a very long and slender legs, which ended in sharp claws. However, when on the ground, the sloth seems helpless like a newborn kitten. It turns out that it's legs are not adapted to walking and climbing but only for hanging. Therefore sloth in this case can only stretch his long limbs and cling to something with their long claws. Stephen and Oliver did wisely decided not to go on nice view sloths, because they understood that moving to the toothy jaws and sharp claws unsafe. According to the equatorial forest butterflies were flying, they were very beautiful and had a blue wings, fringed with bronze-brown stripe. It turned out that this butterfly Morpho Menelaus, the scope of their wings up to 20 cm Soon Stephen and Oliver found a babbling brook that golden glitter of the sun's rays, with difficulty making their way through the thickets of impenetrable vault. Both instantly dropped to his knees and pressed his lips to the flowing water. Then they washed their wounds, and carried water Maldesu and boatswain, made of a strong and large leaves Victoria Regia, shallow bowl.


The morning came. We had breakfast with Leila quickly and immediately hit the road. The imminent passage through the Andes, which we were going to make due with a rented car. "Andes" in the language of the Incas means "Copper, Copper Mountain," and, indeed, in the mountains there are deposits of many minerals. Before making the journey through the Andes Mountains, we passed a considerable distance from its foot. It grew moist equatorial forests, and we met all the same as in the native place: cocoa, various palms, tree ferns, lianas, orchids are beautiful, and rubber plants. My father told me that the Indians called the rubber tree kau-chu. "Cow" - means "stick", and "chu" - "milk", that is, translating word for word - "stick giving milk." Trees with the most valuable timber, rubber is the main value of South America. A couple of times we met several representatives of mountain people - these were the families of Quechua. Quechua tribes - the most numerous Indian people in America and his place of residence - this is the highlands. We are gradually rising higher and higher. And now felt a deep mountain and humid air was rain and fog drifted to the ground. Combs high mountain ranges were crowned tapered tops - extinct and active volcanoes. We met cinchona tree, vines, and many plants that networks entwined trees and their crowns. The higher we climbed the mountains, so it became colder and tree ferns have disappeared, long vines were replaced by thin, forest became lower and rare. There is increasing succulents - cacti, able to store a rare water. At an altitude of approximately 3600 meters of the forest and disappeared altogether. After going over the pass, we suddenly came out to the places where the archaeological excavations. On the vast territory of the tents were set, enthusiastic scientists were searching for ancient artifacts.

At the central headquarters tent, we met a woman she thought of something, considering the recently found the artifact. In her hands she had a cord attached to it with nodules. Saw us, she said hello and introduced Señora Shadi. We told her that accidentally got on the excavation and decided to ask to spend the night. It was late afternoon, and we just had to find a place to sleep. As you would expect for such large-scale excavations, archaeologists possessed guest tents and more sanitary, and Shady lady graciously allowed us to take a guest - apparently she was here the head of the expedition. Conversation, she told us that excavations in this area have been conducted for over 10 years. Soon she familiarized us with this historic place. We have learned that we are in a place where there was open "city of the sacred fire" - Caral, the oldest civilization in the Americas, known by the name of a small village of 182 kilometers north of Lima, capital of Peru. More recently it became known that this is a real cradle of American civilization. - To conduct excavations at Caral is very interesting, we find many artifacts proving that it is the oldest of the known pre-Columbian States of America, which flourished in the period from XXX to XVIII centuries. BC This city is quite illogical, based on the generally accepted ideas about the origin and development of civilization. It is believed that people were forced to defend against nomadic incursions and acts of aggression from neighbors, because their fortified settlements - and so arose the city. In every ancient civilization there are traces of war and violence - in architecture, applied art, but here, in Caral, all the way ... During the excavation was not found either defensive structures, no weapons, we have not found any trace of even conflicts. But we have found here are brown cords with knots, woven from the wool of some kind of animal ... - It's knot letter! - Exclaimed Leila, she was acquainted with this type of writing, being in our village. - Yes, but these ancient writings are silent and obscure, and even if they pose a clue to the many questions we can not read them! After all, this is one of the oldest systems of conservation information, invented by man. It is a pity that we do not yet know how to decipher the writings of this kind, who knows what secrets would open to us then ... - I understand that - I began carefully - here the important role played by color laces, the number of associated nodules, as well as their shape and location. - That's right. I also read about it, but the experts in this area is extremely small, and this study for many years ... Maybe you will be able to decipher the letters found nodules? - With a smile asked me Shadi. - Not really, but you can try. - And you can see that cord? - Asked Leila. Shadi gave her a mysterious cord with knots. - The next deal, which has yet to be studied - thoughtfully explained Shadi. - Manoel, but then you can read these nodules - emphatically said Leila. - Yes, I'll try to help. - So, you know the technique reading? - Asked, surprised us archaeologist. - Yes, the fact that my father taught me that since childhood, he - the professor and very fond of history. - Senior Lucas is just one of those rare people in our time, who managed to study and solve technique nodular letters - said Leila. - Lucas? Wait a minute, but then I probably met your father, at least, I remember talking with him during the conference. - Yes, now the father has to leave his research. - I understand the reason for this ... At the time, Senor Lucas quite wrongly accused of aiding the opposition and deprived the department and expelled from the university. It's great that your father sends you his knowledge, it is very important. Maybe you can help me decipher this letter? - Asked us Shadi. - I'd love to, but I can not promise to unravel the letter correctly and can read each knot, I do not have the technique to perfection - I'm still cautious. Leila gave me the cord, and I began to read, which promised to be incredibly interesting. No one knew that a dormant these uzelochki - they could carry a stunning discovery! - Maybe it's about the ancient cultures? - Leila offered. - Or, these cords - a collection of songs, poems, ancient teachings, reflecting folk art - said Shadi. - In my opinion, no. At this string refers to a certain location. Here are the entries: "And place it in the holy place, in accordance with the understanding of the values of secret ...". I think it says here about Caral, - I said. - Yes, - said happily Shadi - he is on the 40th parallel, on the same parallel is Stonehenge and Arch. - "Our Yard - the sacred star" - I whispered slowly, - what does it mean? - Perhaps it has something to do with the construction of the city - said Leila. - In the planning of Caral much due to the astronomical positions. Maybe that's what meant the ancient chroniclers? By the way, the same as the ancient city of Arch and Sintashta also been built on pleasing celestial plan - explained excited Shady lady. - "And in the middle is the divine power of undying that diffused throughout the universe." - How like the Zoroastrian texts! - Shadi exclaimed. - After all, according to the Zoroastrian texts, the divine power - it's a fire. And the main fire must be lit continuously. In Caral in virtually all buildings, both ceremonial and residential found the sacred centers, which were burnt offerings to the gods! - Enthusiastically told the archaeologist. - The altar inside the amphitheater, which was burning flame of Caral, was surrounded by a double wall, which was supposed to protect him from any accidents. Then it becomes clear why the excavations did not find any weapons, nor any defenses - the city could be a kind of cult of town, there were ritualistic ceremonies. And the impetus for the development of the settlement were not war, and reverent attitude to the cult of fire, because it is the main temple of Caral is a sanctuary of Fire. - You are right - then wondered Leila - so we can say that this beautiful city was not built in order to increase their holdings through war, and for the ritual of the sacraments, worship fire. - "And let forever be with us wise and all-good God" - I read. - Interestingly, in which the representation of the ancients was God? After the fire, and could be a symbol of the Wise God ...? - Undoubtedly, this city was built for the sake of God. After all, religion united the society has forced into the service of the gods to make the unthinkable - for example, to build monumental temples and cities. These were the original "home of the gods." People have lived in the country of the gods and dedicated my life to them - said Shadi. - Yes, and probably the main motivation for the people of that time was to serve God and the desire for God and the improvement of their spirit, mind ... How wonderful that these ancient inhabitants of Caral were close to the truth, that is close to the true meaning of our existence, - said thoughtfully inspired by Leila. We felt as gradually comes to life in our imagination ancient civilization .. and that gave us an amazing rush of joy. Unexplainable feeling! It seems that re-opened this world, and you realize that it is unknown how long the buried cities bearing the great mysteries will be able to discover and reveal their secrets of the greatest minds of mankind ... Shadi us warmly thanked for their invaluable help, we decided to celebrate the opening and dinner together with other archaeologists. The next morning we hit the road, saying goodbye to our new friends and promised to convey greetings to the father Shadi.


Soon ... Maldes awoke from a heavy slumber. Boatswain, Stephen Oliver and made him drink cool water, and lord it became easier. - Finally, finally, senor! - Dimitrios said. - You come to life, congratulations! Maldes recovered so that was even able to stand up. He looked around and did not understand what happened. - Where are we? - He asked his team. - We do not know, yesterday we were all going crazy, abandoning the water on board, you know, what was the commotion, some just crazy! - Dimitrios blurted. - And you're screaming along with us, sir, and then took - and jumped into the water, and we jumped on you. And we all could die if Oliver had not saved us. Boatswain on the joys of conversation. He was smiling and laughing, especially when he remembered about the collective madness of the yacht. - But it was really scary! - He said, suddenly serious voice. Maldesu was not myself, it seemed, he decided that he was no better than waking up from a heavy sleep painful. He is particularly unpleasant to hear his subordinates recalled their general craziness on board the yacht, in which he also took an active part. Bandolero, always eager to show their subordinates only the strengths of their nature, do not want to see him around weakness, but about what happened to his regret, and now known scientist, and the boatswain. - It's all true! - Exclaimed Maldes - you imagined it with monsters! Are not you, Oliver, is not ashamed to invent such a haze, and even say that it is you saved us all! Shame balderdash! Bred here! And you, Dimitrios, first of all your life you owe me, and my dying day! - Yes, yes - reluctantly agreed to the boatswain. He has long wanted to remove the burden of debt to Maldesom as Bandolero saved him at the time. - You just do not remember - said Stefan bandit - Oliver really saved us all, he is the only not afraid of visions ... - Stop telling me any crap, we have no evidence that it really happened - began to object Maldes. - Yes! - Dimitrios said - and here it is. Tell us then, dear liege, where is our captain Mark as not under the waters of the Amazon, as well? - Captain Mark? Maldes just noticed that his friend was not there. - Oliver did not have time to save him, it was not visible at the bottom - said Stefan. - Where? Where you say, Captain Mark! - Exclaimed Maldes. Suddenly everyone on their feet from unexpected sounds and rustling branches. Because of the thicket behind Senor Maldesa, a faint voice: - I am here, I am here ... All cried out again, unable to believe what we heard. But as if to prove that a weak voice emerged from the bush and the captain himself - tortured, tormented, all in the coastal mud, algae and wounds, he was deathly pale, and his eyes fell deeply, and his feet barely moving. - Ghost! Ghost! - Dimitrios yelled. - This is not a real captain Mark, this is a dead man came out of the water, it's a ghost! - Water, water, - whispered Captain Mark. - Do not come to us, do not come near! - Shouted the boatswain. But Maldes, Oliver and Stephen quickly realized that in front of them revived Captain. Oliver gave him water brought from the stream, and the captain was noticeably lighter. Catching sight of his friend in such poor condition that clearly spoke of the recent disaster, Maldesu now had deeply believe in everything said the boatswain. After drinking the water and came to himself, Mark began to answer inquiries: - Early in the morning I woke up not far from here. I did not remember anything, but being able to crawl to the water, washed the bruised face and tried to remember what happened the night before. In the distance I saw the wreckage of my boat - all at once stood up in front of my eyes.

I remembered with horror rushed into the water, I did not have enough air, and I lost consciousness. The last thing I saw - it was slippery, blue inhabitants of the river, at first I was not sure who it was, but sensed as they dragged me somewhere. I woke up when the sky is still ripped up the lightning round smelled of rot and withered leaves. I was still lying on the water and swam around me, do not believe it, but it's so close to me were floating river dolphins. There were few, they saved me, yes, yes, beautiful creatures, they saved me from certain death, they saved Captain Mark of horrible death. Dolphins dragged me to the shore. I forgot myself sleep and woke in a terrible slumber all night. Came to, I heard the voice and began to wade through the thicket of these voices. I heard you talking about me, well, then ... - Captain, how cool that you are alive, you would know how upset we are not seeing you next .., - said Stefan. - So be it, Amen, - for no reason, no reason exclaimed Mark. - It was the will of God, the Lord has saved us all, my friends. In the meantime, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit for all acts and his thoughts are not clean! - And then the captain suddenly roared and jumped had put the hands to the sky. Oliver and Stephen pointedly looked at each other - they knew that from the experience of the captain just went crazy and decided to bring all the turtle eggs and water. Maldes went to the beach - and he was frowning thoughtfully at the horizon. He glanced furtively at the boatswain, who had not seen her for a long time leader in that frame of mind. Perhaps the reason for this was the mood of the rapid turn of events, and Maldesu had to collect his thoughts to ponder future plans. Soon the captain was eating raw turtle eggs - he was getting better and better, the food and drink he returned to power. But if a disaster and so unexpected salvation is fundamentally take effect on the character of a former smuggler, then Maldesa these troubles and did not touch. When all members of the travel came to their senses, Maldes began their rush: - There is nothing to sit for a long time. Hit the road. - Do not put yourself above these bright and open-hearted people, my son - didactically Mark said - calm down and pray. Amen, let us pay tribute to the same Lord, and-LLI-lu-ds! - Suddenly began to sing the captain, raising his hands to the sky. - Nutty madcap! - Yelled Maldes. - Better if you're dead! Captain Mark sang again, "Hallelujah", but got up and hit the road with the rest of the team, while continuing to actively gesticulating. Friends walked carefully, avoiding the reeds, where it was full of the coastal mud, and thus the rays that could plug into the legs of travelers its poisonous spines. The forest was humid and stuffy. Dimitrios, unaccustomed to the equatorial forests, just was not myself. Soon the sick, and others. It was stifling, as in a greenhouse, especially on this day. From tree to jump and climb the various representatives of the primates - shaggy Capuchins, Monos with gray hair, sahausy, as well as other inhabitants of the local forests: Cebidae porcupines and opossums. In addition to the great apes and met a pygmy marmoset, named "uistiti".

Despite the small size and camouflage coloring, she was spotted by attentive Oliver and received a lot of compliments from the young man, admiring her grace and funny looks. Uistiti pygmy consumes gum, ie, vegetable juice, which is due to the special holes in the trunks of trees, made at the expense of developed teeth. Every day he licks this liquid, and at times, especially during the dry season, sustenance tiny monkey lacquer and tamarins. His unusual diet supplement Pygmies some fruits and insects. Huge trees were harmed during the Barranco and pororoki in this quiet backwater, intertwined with vines and branches, forming an impenetrable vault over his head. Flowers almost was not, they grew on the trees or disbanded on the trunks. But the leaves look like giant flowers, they were all sorts of shapes and colors: transparent, fishnet, the size of a little finger, or vice versa - with the meter. All the trees in the wet woods were covered with epiphytes, which formed the beds of ferns and orchids. The air was perfectly still. Above the ground hanging gray-green gloom. It smelled of rot. Leaves of the trees were covered with tiny beads of perspiration. The travelers are hungry and very tired, and ahead was still long and uncharted road. There was no hint of the nearest village.

Friends and their leader sat on the ground. Stephen, who loved to study plants around the world, it is not thought of hunger and fatigue - he enthusiastically studied the intricate and colorful plants and fruit. But famished friends knew the main rule the Amazon forest - all of which attracts the eye, all bright happens more often poisonous, but because they were afraid to touch the colorful fruit and decided to look for something more unsightly. The captain sat around a huge tree with tired and Maldesom boatswain, and Oliver, and went in search of a scientist. Soon the young man beckoned to Stephen, in his hands was a huge nut: - Stefan, look, it's like an edible nut? The scientist was very happy discovery of his pupil, he could remember how he taught Oliver and told him about bertoletsii are common in the humid equatorial forests. Giant bertoletsii famous for its tasty nuts. In the shell weighing up to 2 kg can contain about ten nuts. Everyone is very happy find, but after satisfying hunger became thirsty. Wayfarer terribly thirsty, and humid air stiflingly worked on the whole team. Thanks to Stefan, the travelers found a few trees, which gave a sweet and pleasant as milk, juice. But the sweet juice wanted to drink even more. It turned out that this life-giving stream, which got friends in the morning, in these places was a rarity. On the way to friends met pau-brasil - a tree that produces a red timber and gave the name of Brazil. Also, there was a tree of cocoa and chocolate tree with pink flowers and fruits, hanging directly on the trunk. From a distance, Oliver saw anchorwhip bear and pig bakers, who was lying in a swamp. Met the travelers and the poisonous snake bushmaster, which reached 4 m in length, - the local name of its "sururuku", and anteater, reaching three meters in length, and the battleship velikanskih sizes, which, together with its tail up to 2 meters. - Remember - said Stephen satellites - the most dangerous thing in the humid equatorial forests is not large predators, and ... - And left without water - concluded Oliver. - No - interrupted Dimitrios - remain without a jar with tafiey. Without it, you'll go crazy here! - No, - said Stephen - this is the most dangerous insects. And then, as if to prove to the scientist, the whole team heard a loud rustling of dry leaves, all turned and saw hordes of millions of giant ants. They walked to the water and swept away everything in its path. These were not those ant, which are common in Europe, no, those were huge ants, reaching five inches in length! - Pray, my friends, pray! - Shouted transformed Mark, looking at the oncoming troops. - You say it to someone, - said Dimitrios - ants? - Amen, Amen, Amen, Hallelujah, Amen, in the name of God, Amen .. - invitingly spoke loudly and former captain. The travelers moved quickly to the side, and a swarm of ants ran past them. - We were lucky - Oliver said - and yet they still bite. - You see, I told you! - Exclaimed Stephen, he was happy as a child, and seemed to be happy, even the terrible invasion of ants, such timely confirmation of his warnings. But that was not all. Insects made themselves felt throughout the journey. The overgrown land crawling giant venomous spiders, and helped the travelers sticks that they have made of sturdy branches specifically not to step on a snake or a dangerous spider. Several times Maldesa and boatswain bit tiny black Jenny - despite the seeming harmlessness, Jenny bite is very painful and burn like a match. Probably nearby river flowed - the terms of the petty and annoying flying midges, huge flies, mosquitoes. The travelers were bitten by midges and iskhlestany branches, and once in the arm Stefan stabbed his long trunk length of a centimeter brown tebanidaya. From its bite could not restrain a cry. - That's flora! That's fauna! What a hell of variety! - Stephen, you're probably talking about the variety of ways to die, right? - From scratching mosquito bites, said Dimitrios. Wayfarers are beginning to master the despair was thirsty. Thickets was increasing more and more, and all of the village to be seen. Soon, however, still lucky enough to find a trickle, carrying life-giving water. All instantly glued to the water. Quenching his thirst, Oliver and Stephen decided to explore the thickets near the stream, hoping to find the next big river in the Amazon jungle is the most important thing - and so the river is usually always leads to a residential settlement. The other travelers lay down to rest. So they stayed for about an hour - the scientist and his young friend will not show up. They finally came out from behind bushes: - Hut, hut there! - Oliver said. Everyone jumped up and went after the scientist and boys. Invigorating trickle left behind, and the travelers met a river. Maldes and his men easily crossed it, on the other side of the river, hidden forests, and there was a hut. - Damn it! There could anyone live! - With the hope exclaimed tired Bandolero. Stephen opened the door - it was quiet. Inside was a table, a few chairs and a bed. It looks like the cabin has long been uninhabited. The angles were covered in cobwebs. On the table was a pair of ragged books next to the bed lay a wooden cane and lay an old notebook, its pages, once wet, swollen, and cover slightly moldy, but that did not stop the curious travelers to discover it. On the first pages it was impossible to read - so much they got wet, but in the middle it was possible to distinguish the text in Spanish:

25.07. Today we pass through ostochertevshie thickets. Humid, unbearably stuffy. There are no signs to be seen. Maybe we lost our way?

28.07. The mystery is still not solved. Behind us are chasing Poirot and his gang, hope to get to the river. Food reserves run out, the source of water is still to be found. All tormented by thirst.

29.07. Everything is very weak, but today found the river! Finally come to a solution!

30.07. Met with a gang of Poirot. Bianca died - Poirot bullet pierced his skull. The other guys, thank God, are alive. The underground labyrinth must be near. The second squad, led by Antonio may already headed for the lost city, but they do not serve any signals.

31.07. Where are the treasures of the ancient Incas? Is it just a legend? But this can not be, we still believe and hope. Poor Marie, she is very weak, but at nothing stops.

1.08. Finally found the mark! Mysterious characters, similar to the ones that have been written in that book. These labels are only visible at certain times of day. We are on the right track! Here are the inscriptions: "sacred treasures are hidden to the uninitiated. Opens the entrance to the underground path of fire Ra ... "- here the text of the diary was washed out, and then again became discernible:" He who possesses it, knows there input and output, and the uninitiated will perish in the fetters of the maze. Chimera impregnable guard them. " Interestingly, this is the most heavenly Ra?

2.08. Poirot disappeared somewhere and stop the persecution. Let us hope that he is lost in these woods. The hidden treasures to be seen, but the lost city somewhere.

3.08. Everything is going according to plan. This confirms and found the hut. It is precisely in the place referred to by the old map.

4.08. We know the coordinates! Hit the road.

On these lines diary entry ended abruptly - not whether the reason some terrible and sudden death of its author? Intrigued by the travelers began to examine diary, apparently belonging to no one traveler, explorer. On the cover of the notebook back, was a drawing. It was a spiral, painted by hand by someone she had about four turns in the middle of it was painted circle, from which proceeded rays. But most of all and satellites Maldesa interested in the history of treasures and mysterious characters. Rather, Maldes was intrigued by the Inca treasure, which was looking for the missing owner of the diary, and Stephen thought about symbols and signs, as mentioned in a notebook. Mark blankly stared at it overgrown with cobwebs abode, in the last hours, he was self-absorbed and not to disclose air prayers. Oliver looked with interest at a cane, and then switched to the book, covered with a thick layer of shaggy dust. - It describes the route, obviously, it was a detachment of several people who went in search of a mysterious labyrinth, which would lead to the treasures - wondering spoke Stefan. - Oh, and it's about the lost city - added Dimitrios. - But if the owner of the diary was lost, and so left a message unfinished, then surely the rest of the travelers also died a quick and sudden death without even having time to write about the death of his friend? - Draw conclusions Stefan. - And note, diary and stick untouched, in fact, travelers can continue on your way, even if he died this researcher, and could grab his stuff. Yes, of course, they were overtaken by a swift death - concluded Oliver. - But who killed them so suddenly? Surely this Poirot - said Maldes - it also attracted treasure. - But then why did not he took the diary of explorer? - Said Stefan. - That's a mystery .. - concluded Dimitrios - this just repeat after Mark - Amen, Amen, with all the will of God. The captain, hearing these words, his eyes closed and his legs wide apart and began to spin clockwise, loud stomping and whispering. Then he shouted something incomprehensible and then calmed down. - Now - said Maldes - we will complete the deal this guy and find the treasure. - Yeah, yeah - glad boatswain - certainly! Treasure to be found! - Yes, all very mysterious and enigmatic Lost City .. - enthusiastically and joyfully said Stefan added - at last I will be able to apply their true nature, is tired of wandering in the dark. - We can relax in this tent, we explore the immediate area, and then the way to go! - Bandolero rounded conversation. All adult males was in the state causeless joy, excitement unclear when all warmly embrace each other and are ready to forgive all wrongs and sins, cleansing tears welling in his eyes and covers all the emotion. Even Mark was captured by the general atmosphere of endorphin rush. He laughed loudly and sometimes clapped his hands like a spectator at a performance. Oliver cautiously watched for a while, he did not understand why everyone is so overexcited, but are in the room hapless treasure hunter likely died in these impenetrable forests along with his supporters, and perhaps with his beloved Marie. Soon the travelers came out of the hut, lost in thought about the mysterious, enigmatic adventure events described in the diary, and went for a walk along the river. At the river was not so stuffy, met amazing people like monkeys - like lost travelers here for a long time stuck in the forests of the Amazon.

Soon all felt wonderful aroma as you move along the banks of the river, the scent became more sweet and pleasant. It was possible to feel stronger and clearer. Together with the travelers, "the flavor" and was one of the local monkeys. Finally, travelers with woozy monkey waded through the brush and came out into the clearing. In the middle of her growing unusual tree - except the main trunk of a massive giant crown supported numerous spines thick hand of an adult man, and hung from the branches of a thick canopy of vines. It is a tree and emits such a fabulous flavor. - That would be nice to climb this tree and rest there, in order to fully enjoy this wonderful aroma! - exclaimed Oliver. But then, as if hearing his words, the monkey deftly grabbed the vines and began to climb the tree. Oliver set off after her. - Oh, what a smell! - Exclaimed the young man. - The closer to the crown of the tree, so it is harder! Monkey was quicker boys - it already was about to reach its aroma is so alluring mysterious crown of the tree. - Wait, circus actor, I'll catch up! - Exclaimed the young man, humouredly pursuit of a monkey. But Oliver was not catch up with her, the monkey has reached the crown and ... Suddenly leaves crowns closed over woozy monkey so that it was wrapped in a thick cocoon, so tight that she could not make a sound ... Uspey Oliver for a monkey - he would have died, hitting the insidious network of fragrant wood. But such a "devouring" the monkey did not stop the team as a befuddled, travelers approaching closer and closer to the horrible tree ... Stefan suddenly noticed that all the land around the tree was littered with ... smooth and polished bones, their barely visible beneath the vines and foliage. As if coming out of a trance, Stephen, tightly clutching his nose, cried out: - Back - this tree-lu-to-U! He began to miss his friends by the hand and drag them back, as long as the scent stopped to greet them. Fortunately they were able to move away from the green monster, and not a little frightened by the travelers reached the hut in sound condition. Here Stephen told the travelers about the tree-eater, it feeds on the fact that lures to their aromatic scent. For three days, the green monster digests its prey, and then resets the gnawed bones on the ground. - As soon as I saw the bones, I remembered one of my friend told me about the terrible naturalist tree-eater, it literally intoxicating aroma and devours his prey ... - What a mess! - Exclaimed Oliver, - because if it were not for Stephen, we could have been killed! - Yes, - said Stephen - and would have died a quick death, and unexpected, just like ... - Just like that explorer! - Oliver said. - It is, and it seems researcher whose records we have read in this blog, and his entire team died because of this man-eater! Many scientists do not know about such a rare and insidious tree, so it is not surprising that they could get caught in its web ... - And so they should probably get out of here! - Concluded Maldes. - Suddenly, someone had already read about these treasures, they can cop it without us!

The entire team immediately decided to hit the road. It is not known what other dangers might await them in this dangerous and unpredictable region, despite the striking visual appeal of the inhabitants of these places.


Happy team with new forces went on a journey, taking with him the diary of a researcher and a cane that could help with walking. Along the way, travelers could eat nuts coconut tree. Life expectancy of a coconut tree 70 years, and during this period it gives about a thousand fruits. Coconuts are heavy, inside they contain a clear fluid - is coconut juice, which has a slightly sweet taste and quenches thirst. Also, the travelers met cashew nuts, also called "monkey nuts" because they are the favorite food of monkeys and an important component of their diet. Brazil is considered the birthplace of cashews. But, in spite of the fact that cashew is very tasty and healthy nut, the travelers could not eat them. After all, between the shell and the edible kernel of cashew contains a toxic substance, corrosive to the skin, because very carefully clean the nuts from the shell, so that the toxic substance gets onto the skin. Wade through the thicket was incredibly difficult. Travelers are met Monstera - typical Brazilian liana forests and palm-vine rattan, nicknamed by locals "the devil's rope," she said, like a saw, tearing clothes and wounded body. Through the impenetrable thickets not easily wade, even if the hand Mapuche or saber - to cut through the trail, it will take quite a long time.

The most convenient way to travel around the equatorial forests - a journey by canoe along the narrow creeks and streams calm "igarape", but our travelers had no pies for a boat trip or sabers for paving the road, so Maldes and his staff have enjoyed large paved pathways animals. Instantly dark. Fog was so thick that travelers could not see each other. Liana prevented going forward, we had to find accommodation. But where? Suddenly one of my friends saw the light in the distance, the whole team came close to him, and finally Stephen exclaimed: - It is the light from the tree! Indeed, our pilgrims met a tree that is common in the impenetrable forests of South America and begins to glow at night. From the trunk and branches coming iridescent bluish light. It is so bright that you can not even read a crown. But this tree is not only a fabulous view, but also very dangerous properties. Fortunately, this time the travelers did not have to endure the danger of these, and they learned about them from the story Stephen. - Botanists say that in the bark of this tree is a lot of phosphorus. During the morning and afternoon it is very hot, and a pair of organophosphorus compounds, warming up, get special richness and have the greatest risk of poisoning. Many go to sleep under the trees, but the toxic fumes are particularly dangerous in a dream - a dream heady robs the mind control and relaxation leads first to suffocation, and then to coma. However, even those who are awake, get off a crash is very difficult. A pair of phosphorus deprive ability to clearly distinguish between objects in the distance, a man begins to hover in place. The Indians say it is supposedly evil spirits trees that begin to overcome resting under his crown stranger, but from a scientific point of view, the whole point of phosphorus - explained Stephen. - A walking encyclopedia! - Admiring a vast knowledge of the scientist, said Dimitrios. - What would we do without you, Stefan - happily admitted Oliver. - In the forests of the Amazon only the strongest survive, and knowledge - and have the power, my dear Oliver - said the scientist was flattered and delighted. Thus, by knowing these useful facts, the team, led by Maldesom, was able to avoid the dreaded death, death, which in these parts was waiting at every turn. Travelers have decided not to spend the night at a dangerous tree and choose a safe place to sleep. They lay down on a bed of herbs for dense leafy canopy, and sleep soundly. The next day, after a long journey on foot, completely exhausted and tired travelers noticed a narrow path lined with stone, which instilled hope in the hearts of travelers - they believed that the trail will lead them to the settlement, where you can relax. Rocky path did lead them to the town, only it was not settled. Despite this, there was evidence of past greatness and power of the developed settlements. He had a ring-shaped building, the entrance was topped by an arch masonry defensive gates was intertwined with vines, and in some places was destroyed. The travelers passed through the arch and were in the first annular region. It was deserted and quiet. Laid out on flat tracks lay dead leaves, vines crept. - Lost City! - Said Stephen - to talk about him in the diary of the researcher. - Exactly - confirmed Oliver - let's look around this city! - Maybe here we find the very treasures? - Suggested Maldes. Shortly travelers were second annular area of the road is held in the radial direction, were also built and house - mainly hut or dwarf stone buildings. From the second annular region out of the road, as if they were contrary to the main radial layout and led into the maze, while the friends decided to leave them and go back into the maze later. Finally, the team was in the third area - the diameter of it was the smallest of the three, and in the middle of the travelers noticed the groove. Soon they were at the bottom of it, go down the stone stairs. There were a lot of leaves, but they did not stop friends noticed a large object, hidden foliage. What was it? Stephen removed the dead leaves off the object and exclaimed in surprise: - Hot Air Balloon! - Hot Air Balloon? - Maldes incredulously. - What could be the balloon, if it is an ancient city, and thus retarded! - No, sir, if ancient civilizations lived, they would be able to impress us with its high level of technology. Fortunately, they have not disappeared completely and make themselves known. Artifacts speak eloquently about the fact that our ancestors were every bit as smart as us, if not smarter, and therefore should not be surprised at this invention. Ancient temples were erected monumental and building of the city, this air vehicle could be useful to them. As proof - began a keen scholar - I'll tell you about the famous cave paintings of Nazca ... - Only short! - Dimitrios asked with a sigh. Stephen pretended not to notice requests boatswain and happily began his story: - So, sandy plain of Nazca length of about 60 km is 400 km to the south of the Peruvian capital of Lima. The name applied to the Nazca culture, a kind of archaeological, whose age is more than 2000 years.

It was they who created the famous Nazca drawings, mystery which lies in the obscurity of their appointment, their method of creating suspense - these figures can be seen only from the high altitude, or flying object. - All right, all - began Dimitrios - more to the point. - So, I think that this balloon is somehow connected with drawings on the Nazca. Perhaps the Nazca culture were already known to the laws of aeronautics, they can take advantage of these knowledge. Priests flew high in the air and there talked to builders how to apply the patterns! - Completed his inspirational story of Stefan. His face lit up with joy, and he felt unusually talented pioneer. - Why on earth then, damn it, this ball can remain inflated since ancient times, Stefan? - Mockingly asked Maldes. Dimitrios ironic laugh. - But the balloon could use later, but the origins of its creation belong extremely developed culture Nazca! - Said Stefan. - Why? - Asked Maldes. - Because then Stefan for his discovery will pay money .. - snidely said the boatswain. - Yes, because otherwise does not explain the mystery of the Nazca drawings, that's why! - Exclaimed, completely flushed scientist. - In any case - said Oliver - I think your theory is very interesting, Stephen, and deserves attention ... I. .. promotion. That's it. We can take advantage of a fantastic invention of the Nazca culture and try to climb on that hot air balloon in the air! - Loudly suggested an inquisitive young man. The venture with a balloon all loved, and despite the fact that travelers understand the risks of the entire adventure - with the old balloon could happen anything, decided to continue the transition of air travel, as the path to continue on foot on a grueling equatorial bush was unbearable . And look at the Amazon forest from a bird's flight was much more interesting to ordinary walking. First, however, it was decided to go in search of treasure, which no doubt they were expecting this lost city, to confirm that there were records of the researcher. But Oliver, who carefully read the record traveler discovered something else. It seems that in his mind there is some conjecture. He began to clear half inflated balloon and the basket of leaves and carefully consider it, as if hoping to find some sign ... Finally, he saw something and immediately decided to announce his guess. - It looks like Stephen, it's still not a balloon Nazca - Oliver said, carefully examining the balloon. - On a hot air balloon has a name written Antonio, the man about whom he wrote in his diary that the researcher. Remember when he talked about the unit, which was due to arrive in the lost city? Detachment was commanded by Antonio, and obviously this is their balloon. They could fly to the lost city. And pick up the treasure - he added to the evident displeasure Maldesa. - Sorry, - said Stephen - and so I discovered the secret of Nazca drawings on ... - Do not worry, my friend, so is the will of God - reassured friend Captain Mark, gradually coming to life. - Nonsense! Antonio let rest. He also threw a balloon here, so he did not find anything. We should not waste time and go in search of our treasures! - Maldes exclaimed angrily. - Ours, not any there Antonio. I used to know one Antonio, but it's not the same. Stephen muttered something distracting himself, but soon began to enthusiastically explore the ruins of the ancient city of labyrinths and together with the other travelers, forgetting about his failed opening. The travelers were back in the second annular area, they passed along a stone path and ended up in an underground passage that was confusing labyrinth. They found it after a long time without success to wander the winding corridors, sometimes finding that has come back to a familiar place. Everything was mysterious, mysterious, and therefore frightening. It was not known where zavedet maze. Still afraid, no matter how lost within its walls. It seemed like the lost city of enchanted and clearly protects his secret, not allowing anyone close to unraveling ... - Scary somehow .. - Dimitrios said. - I hear voices! - Mark said fearfully. - Demons and evil spirits voices! From hell are these sounds! - He shouted excitedly. Broke all trembling, and breath - this time Mark was right, were clearly audible whistling, strange sounds, like voices of spirits and ghosts ... - What could it be? - Oliver asked warily. No one answered the boy, everyone listened to the sounds grew louder and louder. - Do not stop, treasure somewhere near - hesitantly said Maldes. - But they are not so easy to get to, or we're crazy, or they really protect some perfume .., - said the scientist. The whole team progressed further through the maze. Suddenly Maldes, who walked in front of everyone, stopped abruptly and turned to his assistant - Bandolero face was contorted with fear. - There ... there ... guards! Spirits! - He cried. Stephen along with the boatswain and Oliver approached Maldesu, from fear they have not been able to utter only a flash Mark yelled at full throat, so much so that his cry echoed around the maze. Then cried out in fear and other travelers, all ran without looking back. Only Maldes decided to turn around as immediately added the go - behind them rushed the guards, ghosts, emits a horrible sound, a dreadful spectacle, and in not dream. - Forward! Run! - Mark yelled. Fortunately, treasure hunters still did not get stuck and do not get caught in the maze. But soon tired scientist stumbled, fell behind him and the boatswain. Specter, who is about to catch up with friends could viciously and laughed shrilly. Mark and Oliver helped the fallen to get up and barely got away from the ghosts, who did not think to keep up ... Obviously, ghost-like prison at all costs to punish the intruders who dared to disturb the peace of the lost city. - Deadlock! - Mark shouted. They found that entangled in a maze and quickly darted back. Then the travelers passed through the maze to another aisle, hoping to get out of it. But then the ghost-guards appeared right in front of our travelers, appearing out of nowhere. Their pale faces blurred in snide smiles, some eyes were mad with fire, and they all laughed. Laugh it was awful, hellish, as told to Mark. The guards were like frenzied Devils, who from time to time changes in unexplained flying guards. Yes, it turned out in addition that the guards could fly, like most ghosts. They soar above the wayfarers and continued their howls that could drive you crazy, and seemed to turn in the same little devil of any intruder. - Run! By the balloon! - Oliver said. The whole team began to wander through the maze to find the exit in the third annular region, where they waited for the aircraft. But the ghosts flew behind friends. When they moved in, all overtaken terrifying feeling - as if something presses on you and leans to the ground, his feet stop moving and become incredibly difficult to pull them from the ground. A terrible weakness throughout the body, and continues around the eerie howls and mad laughter. Every time when friends go astray and fell into a dead end, ghost laughed at by travelers even more. Then Maldes and other treasure hunters who violate the peace of this enchanted city, running back again and again looking for new ways out ... Finally, they saw the archway that led them to the third area, where the balloon. This also could fly just about ghosts. We had to catch up to their arrival - because if ghosts caught them at a dead end, no one knows to what they carry: up to death or madness, which, however, is almost the same. - Come on! - Mark shouted. - In the name of all the saints! The captain jumped on the court and shouted snatches of quotations from the Old Testament books, with raging like those devils. Friends are not seriously worried about his friend - with his weak mentality remained close to the madness. He has already started to imitate the demons lost city and loud, shrill laughing. Oliver and scientist began to untie the rope rope from the stone ledge. - They're coming! - Yelled Maldes, who all this time was at the archway leading into the second ring. Rope untied the rope was almost all one by one climbed into the basket. Remained behind only Mark. - Rather, or we were untying the rope and climb up into the air! - Yelled Maldes. But the poor captain continued to rage, soon flew to the third ring of ghosts. Mark met them giggle and with open arms. - My friends ... Brothers in Mind! - He exclaimed. Translucent guards crowd surged to the balloon. It was necessary as soon as possible to get in the air, but travelers could leave sbredivshego brand in the care of the local ghosts? Maldes, seeing ghosts will drive crazy about the other members of the team, not long thinking, untied the rope rope ... The balloon went up in the air. - Captain, hold on! - Oliver said. He leaned over the side and dropped captain rope rope, one end of which remained in the basket ball. He laughed and began to bandage around her neck as if he wanted to hang himself. But at this moment, when the young man was holding a rope in his hands, the boatswain spread across the board, grabbed the edge of the basket with one hand and took the hand of another captain. Dimitrios and helped Maldes and, fortunately, soon the captain was in the basket of the balloon with the other satellites. But the balloon has not yet risen so high that ghosts could not fly up to it. Nightmare guards chased command travelers. They may be left behind and would balloon flying away in the direction of the thickets, but it flew right over an enchanted maze, but because the guards of ghost continued to torment travelers with its hideous grimaces and sounds. However, the balloon rose higher and higher, and soon the travelers were able to safely grasp at a glance the whole ghost town maze - haunted spots and gradually disappeared into thin air. Only now, the travelers felt a terrible headache, which, fortunately, is gradually disappearing, along with a gradually fading scent of rotting polurasteny-polugribov, and this fragrance just came out of the maze ... All gazed in awe of the enchanted city, hoping to see something that is so guarded by these guards. Maybe in the lost city did have a huge treasure hidden away? Perhaps, but the travelers did not want to have to get them. - What was that? - Finally asked the boatswain. - Enchanted Treasures! - Exclaimed irritably Maldes - it is not! Ancient greedy to the point that nothing is left to his descendants, and bewitched all the treasures in the most impudent manner! Scum! - But is it possible? So, ghosts do exist? - Oliver asked. - How do you say .. - began Stefan - they do not really exist, I think these ghosts could be caused by our weary imagination. In English castles I faced similar. Infrasonic vibrations from drafts in this labyrinth can cause terrible visions. They act on the brain at certain frequencies, and we'll go crazy. Guises and vision could also arise from a hallucinogenic effect caused by the peculiar smell of this mystical place. I immediately felt this sweet-tart smell, causing dizziness. At times I pinched his nose, but get rid of the dope is impossible. Note that as soon as he parted flavor - suddenly disappeared and ghosts. Rotting native plants or fungi could cause a similar effect. Who knows, maybe the ancient priests really wanted thus to protect their treasures from uninvited adventurers ... - Devil's treasures! Fuck them all fuck! - Swearing Maldes. - It's all because of the researcher, who has just zamorochil us head with her diary! - Oh, look! - Oliver said. - What a beauty! The balloon has climbed to a respectable height, and is now so vast and impenetrable thickets Amazon turned into a dark green field, dotted with brightly colored spots, as if it were mysterious symbols on the mat tokapu. All were silent, even Maldes stopped swearing at the sight of such beauty. It was late evening and the sun is bright-orange, was hidden behind the horizon, flooding the green thicket with a warm light ...


Morning came quickly. Blew fresh and cold wind - felt the proximity of the Andes. After meeting with archaeologists we moved to Leila on the planned route, deciding to quickly get to the capital of Peru - the city of Lima, where we had rented a car to pass. The name is a corruption of Lima by the Spanish name of the river Rimac. This city is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, on the plain at the foot of the Andes. Along the coast of Peru goes cold Peruvian current, so there is often cool. In the cold waters contain more oxygen than warm, and for this reason it is very rich in plankton and many fish. - Manoel - Leila said on arrival in Lima - and can begin to explore the coastal area right here? We will save time. Leila's proposal seemed reasonable, since the shelter of his father, probably settled somewhere on the border of the coasts of Chile and Peru. But these days the ocean raged in earnest. We decided to wait until the element in him, but so far to make an overland journey. So, we had to get out of Lima - Arequipa up, not far from the city is the border with Chile. In this area, on the slopes of the Andes, has successfully bred alpacas, guanacos and llamas.

We decided to get to Arequipa is on alpaca and asked for these beautiful animals from the local Peruvian herders, they agreed to sell them to us, and for a small sum of money for a portion of the proceeds we found jewelry aunt Avalkadi. After relaxing in the cafe and tried the national drink of Peru - grape and obviously drink pisco, a chicken in a spicy cream sauce and rather weak unclear beer made from fermented maize, we loaded the necessary provisions on pack animals and hit the road on the same day.


For the rest of the short southern travelers spent the night in a balloon, but no one batted an eye. Several times someone would jump up and looked down - did not drop a ball. Fortunately, everything went fine. Balloon, driven by the wind, flew forward and Maldes hoped that they would be able to land near the river Tapajos. But how could they get the balloon gently land at the right time and the right place, without ballast? Travelers know that they can not steer the balloon - it was at the mercy of the wind and the power of time, and were afraid of one thing: an old balloon could break at any time, go for a sharp decline, and then the travelers will face certain death. It is not surprising that, despite the tiredness, no one on this night he fell asleep. Even still reeling from bouts of madness, Mark, who seemed to be all the same, its fate command, the whole night sitting in a yoga pose, sometimes pulling dirty hairy legs to relax the knees, and all the while praying.

A little glimmer of dawn, and travelers could see a narrow blue ribbon of one of the tributaries of the Amazon and the huge, dark green covered the equatorial forests. Balloon heard admiring exclamations - all were filled with experiences and emotions of the flight. Looking down was scary to think that the balloon can go for a quick drop from that height ... Breathtaking at the same time on such a fantastic spectacle and fear. Famously blew a counter refreshing breeze. Meanwhile, all have long felt a terrible hunger and unbearable thirst, but tried not to stammer about it. Travelers silently pondered over the subsequent fate of the team, Oliver suddenly exclaimed: - hole! In the bowl of a hole! Everyone turned to a scream. Indeed, the shell gradually shrank the world and spread out in one place a hole through which a stream of air to flow out ... Needed something to close it to save gas but to hand the travelers had nothing. - Do not panic! - Exclaimed Maldes. - We can hold out for a long time in the air. The ball was cringing and rustled. - We come down! - Bosun cried with fear. The balloon slowly descended down ... Green patches of forests was increasing on the eyes, lengthened and widened the blue ribbon of the river ... - Stephen, how do we go upstairs? How to avoid death? - Asked the young man scientist. Stephen replied simply and clearly: - Nothing. Yes, everyone was waiting for inevitable death. Balloon beginning to pull from side to side, now it has become a plaything in the hands of the wind, in the hands of fate. - We come down faster! - Oliver cried again. As we approach the land the travelers noticed a small settlement at the banks of the river and among the thickets. A balloon is still dramatically tossed from side to side, the ball was cringing more and more obsessed with all fear - the travelers looked with horror at the approaching land, realizing that perhaps see her one last time. The ball once again strongly shaken by the wind and carried away smoothly on a blanket sprawled equatorial forest ... After coming from ... semiconscious state, caused by fear, the travelers looked around - they were on the tree. Probably, during the fall of the balloon stuck in a tree and became entangled in the foliage and branches. - We are saved! - Said Mark. - It was the will of the Lord! Along with him were jubilant and the other team members. After all, they escaped with only bruises and bruises, and could lose his life ... - And after all this balloon could well belong to the Nazca culture, you just remember what it was abraded sheath unknown to our science stuff! - Recalled at the end of general conversation Stefan. - Well, lucky us, hell - said Maldes - and not one would have to Mark instead of throwing overboard the ballast .. in the name of the Lord, of course. Descending from the tree thickets on the ground, Bandolero and his team decided to explore the area. They soon discovered that were not far from the village Maldesa. - Around here, in a quiet backwater, has always been parking boats. We will take a boat and go on a journey down the river Tapajos! - What Manoel, senor? - Asked Dimitrios. - I know everything! And for Manoel comes their turn - I can not appear in the eyes of the residents of the village. I know a more reliable way. So the team decided to sail Maldesa the village Manoel on a fair distance. Later in the afternoon the boat stopped at the shore of some of the peninsula. Bandolero went straight into the thicket, it seems that this place was familiar to him. Other members of the team were at the shore. Maldes way through thickets, helping himself picked up along the way with a stick.

Soon began to thin overgrown. Bandit went to the hut, hidden trees, vines and large leaves so that the uninitiated would not have noticed it. He went into the hut and said respectfully into the darkness: - Father Cuiaba? After a brief pause, he heard a low but powerful voice: - Come on. The voice came from a far little room hut, it was blocked off the hallway with bamboo sticks. There were as dark as the front room. Cuiaba father lit a fire in the built of mud bricks likeness fireplace stove. He was a man advanced in years, very tanned, with brown eyes and a shaved head, which was applied magic tattoo. In front and behind it were strips of cotton cloth, which seemed like an apron, arms were adorned with feathers of some birds and numerous ropes tied. Cuiaba sitting on hard bamboo sticks that were put together a strong rope. On the wall of the hut were hung Mapuche, machetes, brass tubes, masks of fragrant wood and hung in front of Cuiaba Native American flute. - How long have I not seen you Maldes - said measured Cuiaba - since, as I told you about your hidden potential, you got lost somewhere ... I found out about you. It is sad that you're out of a decent way. We, witches and sorcerers, different from ordinary mortals, we are endowed with special powers. The lord gave us them. If you use them incorrectly, the Lord will take away the gifts back ... But why are you asking here? Maldes unusually patiently listened to the speaker, he bowed his head in overgrown sign of deep respect. - Father of Cuiaba, I need a man, his medallion. It is a magical medallion. It makes us different. - Tell me about it. What you opened the locket. You're shaking? What did he do to you? - When I picked it up, I thought I was back in the past .. and I'm standing in front of goal. And then I lose Mary, and his brother laugh in my face, and she looks pronzayusche my eyes, and I going blind. But Mary cries out to me - it's you for treason. And other hurtful words. I .., Father Cuiaba, I really liked it. - A.., All because of Mary? Yes, yes, of course, - said a knowing wizard. - Give me your hand, Maldes. Maldes obeyed sorcerer. - Yes, yes. I see a strong love, a strong love for Mary ... and a strong jealousy ... And the meanness in all leads. - I do not want to say that I know myself! - Maldes said nervously, tearing his hand from the rough palms of Cuiaba. - Tell me about where he was! His name Manoel, he lives here, at the mouth of the river Tapajos. Cuiaba closed his eyes and began to hum like a tuning to a certain wave, in such a state it was probably easier to get information. - He's not here right now. He needed me because of the medallion, is not it? ... But what do I see? - After a long pause again exclaimed sorcerer. - Oh, you are sinful, my son. You're encroaching on the brightest thing in the soul of this young man - you cripple him, brushing his filial love, you told him that his father is dead! It is a sin Maldes! Lord be angry at you and will throw you on your anger, take heed, my son. I do not want to take on himself the anger, so I can not help you. - Father Cuiaba! - Maldes said pleadingly. - You've been my godfather, the patron saint, after my parents died ... - But you quickly left me as soon as I learned a lot from you! Many, but not all ... - Okay, but you're the only one who can help me ... I love Mary, father of Cuiaba, I love with all my heart, I will go for her at all, I have to get the medallion! Help me, for the last time. At last, my father! After all, my parents have asked you to take care of me. Cuiaba from the words of the ward was confused. - And it really is! After all, anger, and so the Lord will be spilled on me - if I do not help you, I break my oath ... Maldes in anticipation of watching his father Cuiaba. "But he's going to kill this young man would kill his father, no, I will not let it cripple them, but I can not help the evil deeds happen - thought sorcerer. - It is necessary to think of something. " Then his face brightened. "I will help him, but in another sense, so that he will return to the right path ... yes, yes," - mentally he decided. Cuiaba opened his eyes. - Well, my son, - he said, - I can not break the oath to your deceased parents. Maldes smiled. - So ... I'll tell you where it is, what are you looking for? - Thank you, thank you, father Cuiaba! - Rejoiced Maldes. - You go from here to Peru, you will find there Arequipa city, go to the coast, there is an island, it is called Isladel Mare - this large island, full of villages, go there, that he may abide with you strength. There you will find your happiness! There you will find your treasure! - Oh, the father of Cuiaba sees all! Lord of the world of shadows revealed to you my secret plans. I was so close to the treasures of the Lost City. I learned about it from a book, there was a hut nearby, and another tree of sleep. I gathered his people and we made our way through the thicket. We did find the Lost City! And I was in it ... But we are so poorly met, they drove us crazy - these guards, they flew over us and laughed nastily. We were miraculously saved, flew in a balloon that was left last seekers. - The sleep of reason breeds monsters - Cuiaba said. - No need to climb to where is not necessary, the lost treasures of the ancient city were left not for you! - So who will leave them for me? I am in this life has to pull out. I want to become rich and to thank you, my great godfather. I want to find Mary, which was already almost forgotten, but now this medallion fell into my hands - and I'll remember everything. I herd of wild hurt, I went blind for a while. And to blame brother of Mary. He told her that I am a thief, a robber, and used it as navodchitsu. But it was not so ... - I can tell you a story about the treasure. Maybe it is true. I have here a man was hiding. He was pretty old and worn conscience. Gravely ill, how could I shot him pain, more mental than corporeal. He was one of the troops eses, rank high in Germany, fled from there with zolotishkom and jewels. Sell them, he could not, and when I was in Chile, where the commune came to power, and he had to go into hiding. And your looking for it, it looks like it was a shady business. And running away from Chile, he hid these stolen goods on the island, deserted, no one lives there. - Gold? But what is this island, tell me, father of Cuiaba, tell me, where are treasures, and I'll bring you half! No, I'll bring you all, and you yourself will share as brothers. - According to a brother or justice? - Cuiaba squinted slyly, he liked to see the lust Maldesa, his greedy feverish gleam in his eyes, he knew a lot about his ward. - I do not need anything. That's why he told me the fugitive and his secret. Confession. He could not go to church, that came to the sorcerer, so that through me to knock on the doors of the world of shadows - that I have a word for it intercede before the Lord. That's just it. And you'd come, only I'll be alive by then? - Father of Cuiaba, I have no one nearer and dearer, I grew up with you, I opened a world of shadows, I bow down before the Lord and me. Do not talk about death, our destinies are linked - you yourself talked about this. Live - without aging. - Yes, Maldes. You always knew how to speak beautifully, but the red-re-Chivo ... On the island of treasures stashed nowhere to stick the boat, forbidding mountain range. But in one place, and there is a shallow arch over the water fancy. He said that the mountain if specially designated entrance. Swim under it and swim into the cave, the water will lead to it. There they prepared a place for these treasures. Yes, I remember, he's pals with all this done, there were three, and two and left it there. Forever. Oh, and they're prepared traps for intruders. Be careful. Yes, and you will understand where the danger ... Memorize - the island is about 43 degrees south latitude and 73 degrees west longitude. - Thank you, Father, thank you, I am so grateful to you! - Yes, yes, my son! Remember the Lord! - Sorcerer gave Maldesu last farewell, and he literally ran out of the hut, once again passionately and fervently thanked his godfather. Bandolero was very happy and excited, he hastily went to the boat to immediately hit the road. - The day we get to Peru, and from there to the island in half a day - thought Maldes. - Well, hold on Manoel! Medallion and treasure will be mine! They pushed off from the steep bank. - Where are going, mister? - Asked the boatswain. - In Peru, Dimitrios, we're going to Peru - happily exclaimed Maldes. Boat had to sail back to the village Manoel, and from there they went on a journey down the Amazon, and then on the Purus River - one of the tributaries of the mighty river. To all this, the team took two days. Two relatively carefree days.

Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


International Non-Profit Foundation"Paravitta"
Mailing address: Russian Federation 420044, Kazan, ave H.Yamasheva, 36
President of the Foundation: Khafizov Azat
Tel: +7(843)519-97-30
Executive Director: Timur Khafizov
Tel: +7(843)519-73-73, email:

Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"