Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"

Striving for Perfection

Mailing address: 420044, Kazan, Yamasheva str., 36
President of the Foundation: Azat Khafizov
Tel: +7(843)519-97-30
Executive Director: Shamil Fattakhov
Tel: +7(843)519-73-73

"Paravitta" International Non-profit Foundation

Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"   Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"

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Azat Hafizov

Artificial Life and Art of Living

                                       Fill the meaning of every moment

                                       Hours and days of tireless running.

                                       Then you take the whole world over,

                                       Then, my son , you will become a man.

                                                                                                       Rudyard Kipling

                   At the heart of any business enterprise is located . It is this dominance has made in his time so much for the development of human half-animal state. Zest for life , curiosity and initiative - it is a practical triad of personality development. From the need to survive in any way mind vividly revealed these three components which, in addition to ensuring the survival also gave a powerful impetus to the development of intelligence.

     Very interesting to watch these impulses in children, in their spontaneous creativity. By their actions , they confirm the fact of its existence - and they need to knowable world they adequately respond to their actions . Not seeing the reaction , the child will do everything to make it manifest , and the children are the most miserable - in which no one is paying attention. Their entrepreneurial spirit is not measured and thus attenuates the activity itself to the creative act. '' Up to a certain age ( somewhere up to five years ), children are so active and productive , that they themselves are constantly finding yourself " stimuli" themselves they "create" . They can create a whole world of scraps of paper , pieces of wood , small stones , chairs and any other objects. But in the six years when they fall under the millstone of educational mill , they begin to adapt, lose their spontaneity, become passive and need the stimulation , which allows them to react passively '' - so very rightly pointed eminent philosopher and psychologist Erich Fromm .

    People seeking to build their business on the living, creative approach is often similar to the children who create their own world from a variety of parts . It's like forming a mosaic. Beautiful business - it is always associated with interesting creative people who make up a team that implements it, and are partners and accomplices - but not consumers of the business activity.

    In Russia, more and more people involved in entrepreneurship . Somewhere they want to realize themselves may seek to fill his life with meaning , very often this is due to the survival and consumer desires. Himself for a living , I have an apartment or a house, a car , a family holiday by the sea , etc. The man is basically simple and understandable motives and incentives. Because without these incentives life was not just uninteresting, but also impossible in the society that is created around it. And not created by him , he just came to him and forced to adapt is most comfortable for you. And here the role of social values and incentives has been imposed upon him from birth. On the one hand he was always told from childhood that it is necessary to love everyone , to be kind and loyal - family, homeland, friends. What we must always be fair and correct, and yet you have to be obedient and executive - then all the others will happy with it...

        On the other hand, he observes that all is not as correctly and honestly arranged that deception reigns everywhere, all the values are reversed and he has to develop their own approaches and their values. The duality of what is happening drastically changes the psyche and the younger generation. They are still fresh lessons of education in the spirit of universal values, they are not so spoiled fleshly existence , and on all sides by pressing them with his unprincipled society morals , inhumane acts. And they have to defend themselves , expressing themselves in protest existence in avoiding reality - here and addiction , Gamblers , depression, neurosis, and autism. And this is a disaster of planetary proportions. Pour oil on the fire , and the media '' misinformation '' , injuring and disintegrating yet unproven soul. On all sides we are surrounded by advertising slogans - take me , consuming , ASIC , imparting a primitive bestial existence. All needful, anything goes , do not believe anything . People therefore go into a religion - there still have ideals and values. People are looking for protection from the harsh environment in the spiritual life .

        Telling the child how to live well , spiritually, and in good faith , adults at the same time from the trivial stimuli do not give up - and in many respects they are more important than the values imposed by the social environment - because they are practical and pleasant, they meet a man , not only in terms of covering the instinctual drives , but and in terms of the approval of others, and his consciousness. If you have provided, is consistent and respected in the community , then you took as a person, you gain status in society , I need it and demand it. But it is so important for a person just that - the approval and recognition of society. Perceiving it is , young people , mostly dreams of glory , career and money at any cost. Unbridled passion to consume just prevails in the society , it is - an idol of our society. According to a 2007 survey in the cities of Russia , for the first time in many years ! , The majority of respondents put the money in the first place in importance , the love remained modestly in the second . But those who have already mastered the wealth, knew the power, has made a career as far as they are happy and healthy? Once again I quote the great analyst of our times Erich Fromm : '' For example, in our society, it is believed that if a person , " he earns his bread," feeds the family , is a good citizen , consumer goods and entertainment , his life is full of meaning. While such ideas in the minds of most people sit very tight , they do not have real meaning for them and can not make up for the absence of the inner shaft . Ingrained stereotypes are gradually losing their power and increasingly do not work. Radio, television, film , and daily newspapers are available to all. However, rather than acquaint us with the best literary and musical works of the past and the present, the media, in addition to advertising , clog people's heads off most low-brow nonsense , unrealistic and full of sadistic fantasies , which more or less educated person would not even occasionally fill their leisure time. We have reduced the number of hours worked by almost half compared to the times of a century ago . And what happened? We do not know how to use a newly acquired free time: we are trying to kill him.

However, many psychiatrists and psychologists refuse to recognize that society as a whole can be quite mentally healthy.

The high rate of suicide in a country reflects a lack of mental stability and mental health. This situation is not due to poverty. This is clearly confirmed by all the data. Least of all suicides are committed in the poorest countries , while at the same time, the growth of material well-being in Europe was accompanied by an increase in the number of suicides.

As for alcohol , then it is no doubt , points to mental and emotional imbalance.

At the country with the highest number of suicides - the U.S., Switzerland and Denmark - fall and the highest level of alcoholism.

Considerable overlap of data on suicide and alcoholism, appear to show that we are dealing here with signs of mental unbalance.

We see that in Europe - the most democratic , peaceful and prosperous , as well as in the U.S. - the richest country in the world, manifested the most severe symptoms of mental health problems.''

    There is no doubt that the idol of consumerism leads to spiritual poverty . Inordinate fascination with making money and settling career lead to the degradation of the individual. Here, every business leader is faced with the need to decide - what is the real meaning of his work , and in general the whole of his life in general. It is important not to lose that initial creative promise in the form of interest in life and making its mosaic of life. Staying in the shower with the child and childlike discover life in its wonderful forms. Save the mystical , magical look at the structure of the world . And to understand that all those actions and thoughts that come from you, one way or another will respond not only your fate , but the fate of mankind, and in outer space. Will respond to the quantum level of existence. Thus, we create the reality around us . The more spirit in her greed , greed and competition - the more aggressive and vicious become habitat . Even though outwardly it looks quite comfortable and coiffed . But we notice that in affluent countries '' '' , developed the material , it is extremely rare to find sincere deep conscious feelings - such as love, loyalty, trust , friendship. Yes, indeed , succeeded in a culture of mutual relations , in compliance with the law , to ensure the rule of law - and in these respects Russia is still much to be done. But in our society is always spiritual tied for first place , and the spirit , morality, we were much better off giving in primitive affluence and permissiveness standard Western way of life. But it is not comparable , because the more hopeless , worthless existence than soulless and immoral and invent complicated. It's just self-punishment , the gradual degradation , burdened in the same mentality bred offspring. Recall the fate of billionaire Onassis and many more other similar format . Many of the enterprising people so much excelled in the art of survival, but it lost the spontaneity and spiritual vitality . With the same persistence as a person gains knowledge of everything for his business, he must also learn the art of living purposefully samosovershenstvuyas . Commitment to excellence in all aspects of life must be imbued with all of his existence as a constant reminder to myself - tat tvam asi - which in Sanskrit means you have something , and if it is arbitrary to simplify - you are always in relationship with the Absolute, called in different cultural traditions on the - God, the Universal Mind, the Atman, Tao.

    Developing in the business, we are trying to develop and yourself too. And the fruitfulness of the business allows you to use the fruit for their own self-development and the creation of socio - cultural space for the development of others. And here we have tried to create a beautiful creative business , build it yourself from people incentives to improve. The motto of this project implemented in practice in the form of an International Non-profit Foundation Paravitta "V.I.A." - "Via Intento Absolutio" ("Committed to Excellence"). Absolute word is translated from Latin into Russian means perfection - many philosophers who wrote in Latin, called the Absolute God. And in terms of this relationship on a simple idea - God and goodness means a cohesive and comprehensive . Can comprehend God through the pursuit of perfection , living creatively as possible , consciously and spiritually , developing harmoniously . As the great classics by Dostoevsky: '' The beauty will save the world - and we really are dedicated to preserving and creating this universal beauty , attaching to it all really adventurous , to build people. Because the real and profound beauty lies in the man , in his self-revelation of infinite possibilities for self-development of his consciousness.

       "I am confident that a single Space merged in the material and spiritual sense. In outer space there is some kernel from which we derive all the power , inspiration, which always attracts us , I feel its power and its value, sent to them by the entire universe, and this support it in harmony. I did not penetrate into the mystery of this kernel , but I know that it exists, and when I want to give him any material attribute , then I think that is light, and when I try to grasp it spiritual , then this - BEAUTY AND SYMPATHY. Whoever is carrying this faith , feels strong , work with joy , because feels a part of the overall harmony.'' (Nikola Tesla , a brilliant scholar of the early 20th century).

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Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"
Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"


International Non-Profit Foundation"Paravitta"
Mailing address: Russian Federation 420044, Kazan, ave H.Yamasheva, 36
President of the Foundation: Khafizov Azat
Tel: +7(843)519-97-30
Executive Director: Fattakhov Shamil
Tel: +7(843)519-73-73, email:

Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта" Международный некоммерческий фонд "Паравитта"